What is brand? Brand is an emotional, an intuitive reaction. And most important: Brand happens – whatever you say or do. Worse feedback? No worries, this is fine. Reaction is a necessity. And a well positioned brand can handle negative reactions easily.

What is branding? Branding is the attempt to manage the signals that evoke that reaction. In the end it will be the client (not you) who will decide about your brand or product. So the ultimate goal of “branding” a company is that you are loosing decisions: brand occurs in the heart not the head . I want. I need. This connection is valuable.

Brand can make or break a company but ultimately brand is out of our control. Brand is not what you say it is, brand is what they say it is.

So how do we influence that reaction?

Brilliant Brand designs solutions and ideas that result in powerful and memorable branding that people immediately connect with and will make them fans.

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